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Eichenberg Winery Wine List
Dry Wines
Norton - Full bodied red, lightly oaked....crafted in traditional style.
Rubin Haussehuh  A wonderfully blended dry red.  Hints of spice, berry finish.  Great with chocolate!!
Encore -A full-bodied dry white.  Enjoy with fish, foul, fruit, cheese.  You'll definitely want a repeat performance!  Serve chilled.

Semi-Sweet or Off-Dry Wines
Festival - Newly released, revamped blend.  A soft, semi-sweet Red
Eidelweiss - Back after a four year absence..........a delicate semi-sweet, White with floral notes.                             (Limited quantiy)
Weiswein - Medium bodied white, enjoy with fish or foul.  A true off-dry.
Eve's Sin - It didn't take too much persuading for Adam to try the apple...now it's your turn.  Excellent with 4K sharp cheddar cheese.
Triple Creek - A lightly oaked semi-sweet red.  A blend of Missouri's Premium wines creates this delightful wine.  Debut year 2006.
Elvira - What a naughty lady, refreshing with a slightly citrus finish.  Available late summer, limited supply.
     Vignoles - Floral notes with a hint of spice gives this white its character.  Delightfully delicate.

Sweet Wines
Concord - 'The little black dress of wines'  The red wine is great with sausage, cheese and crackers.  A little dryer than last year.
Rosawein - This blush finishes either pink grapefruit or strawberries, depending upon your palate
Liebersaft - Light white, slightly cirtrus finish.  Compliments salty appetizers.  Perfect for a romantic evening....since the name means "Love Juice".